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We’ve created a simple but effective recruitment software system which drives employee referrals, internal talent sourcing and streamlines the process. Being fully responsive, our talent acquisition software can round out, simplify and transform your entire hiring process.

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Challenge Club Referral Program

Get Quality Applicants, Automate Employee Referrals, and Increase Employee Participation.

Quickly hire the best talent

A talented workforce knows talented people so by using our turnkey network referral program you can quickly get the kind of people you're looking for from your referral program.

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Our system allows you to automatically send personalized reminders, track candidate sources, provide status updates on where referrals are in the process, and manage incentives.

Easily Managed

Because our system is so effective and streamlined you can not only get the most out of your employees, but you can free up more time to do what you love: recruit the best of the best.

Employee Referrals Are the Best Way to Hire – Make it Easy!

Most companies only generate referrals from approximately 15% of their employee base, but a dedicated employee referral portal can be used to change that and increase participation in your overall hiring efforts.

Using the Challenge Club Employee Referral Platform, you can easily allow employees to reach out to their professional networks, personal networks and expand your referral potential.

Solutions by Industries


There is high demand for top quality technology candidates, and this is why employee referrals can quickly drive the sourcing of this hardest to find talent.


The healthcare industry experiences some of the highest levels of applications and, unfortunately, turnover. Our healthcare employee referral software can help ease recruiting woes.


Our recruiting software is an excellent internal mobility solution for the finance industry. It helps drive retention and increase employee satisfaction in a culture that focuses heavily on career progression.


Not all rewards need be monetary for engaging your employees. In fact, non-monetary rewards tend to help drive high-quality referrals particularly well in relation to the consulting industry.


If you’re a recruiting and staffing agency you simply need a steady supply of quality applicants. With our referral network recruiting platform you can easily tap into your clients' networks and reach a broad range of qualified talent.


In high-tech industries like biotech and pharmaceuticals it can be hard to source quality talent and employee referrals are an excellent method for solving this problem.

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